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Dubai Desert Photoshoot

The unsurpassed landscapes of the Arabian desert are an excellent opportunity to touch the purest sands, get the contrast of individuality and infinity, as well as become the owner of truly unique photographs that will remind you of a wonderful vacation in the richest and most beautiful Middle Eastern country.

Today you have the opportunity to order a professional photo session in Dubai, with an individual trip to the Arabian desert, famous for its golden sands and beautiful views of the majestic dunes. You will feel like a professional photo model, reveal hidden talents and enjoy the process.

Features of a photo shoot in the desert

The main feature of a desert photo shoot is the need to travel from Dubai to popular locations. Fortunately, the city and the desert have merged together, so the path is comfortable and short. We will also have our own driver at our disposal, who will pick up the model from the hotel or any other convenient place, and also bring him back after shooting.

Taking into account the wishes of the customer, a photo session in the desert can be held on any day of the week and time of the day. But if you want to get really bright beautiful pictures, you need to do this at a certain time, taking into account the location of the sun and the time of year – this moment is discussed with the photographer in the process of agreeing on the conditions of photography. Very popular are photo shoots in the desert in a costume of an oriental beauty, fascinating with her beauty, as well as traditional photo shoots in the sand in a swimsuit, emphasizing the figure.

How to book a photo shoot in the Dubai desert

To order a professional photo shoot in the Dubai desert, you just need to contact the photographer in any convenient way: via direct instagram, by phone, Telegram or WhatsApp. Also on Instagram, you can find actual work on photo shoots in the desert.

In the course of the conversation, I will provide a detailed consultation on any profile issues, I will give valuable recommendations on the optimal locations (shooting locations), and also announce the cost of services, taking into account the tasks set.

I, Katerina Grand, am a Russian-speaking photographer in the UAE, so the process of communication and approval is not difficult. I am always open to dialogue, I take into account the wishes of the customer and help to determine the optimal concept of a photo shoot in a particular image.

In order for the photo session to be perfect, and the image of the model to be harmonious, it is necessary to perform preliminary preparation for shooting. Such training includes:

  • Makeup and hairstyle are an important step in creating a model’s image. You can run the Makeup yourself, anywhere. We can also provide a specialist make-up artist-hairdresser. He will quickly and efficiently perform the preparation (paid separately);
  • Beautiful clothes are another important element of the image, which you can choose on your own or we will provide several really cool dresses to choose from for free;
  • A good mood is the most important component of a successful photo shoot. With good insistence, we will create beautiful pictures that will delight and remind you of a wonderful vacation.

How much does a photographer cost in the UAE

The cost of a photo shoot in the UAE desert is always individual and depends on a number of factors. First of all, the price is influenced by the complexity of the shooting concept, its duration and the individual wishes of the customer. But I always voice the final cost during the negotiation process, after agreeing on all the conditions – it will be inexpensive in comparison with the prices and conditions of local photographers.

Book a photo shoot in the Dubai desert from Katherine Grand right now – you will get a lot of bright and beautiful photos, as well as an unforgettable experience for years to come!

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