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Wedding photo shoot in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, enveloped in the modern look of stately buildings, where the latest technology and architecture intersect with unspoiled natural beauty. This city is considered one of the most popular wedding venues, which is not surprising, because dozens of unique locations with mesmerizing views are available to create excellent pictures.

A wedding photo shoot in Dubai is a great way to make your big day even more beautiful. You can stroll along the embankments flowing into the clear waters of the Persian Gulf, plunge into the beauty of endless sand dunes and feel the grandeur of modern skyscrapers. During the shooting, the newlyweds will enjoy the mystery of the wedding day, feel like professional photo models and get beautiful pictures that will bring them back to this beautiful day even through the decades.

How is a wedding photo shoot in Dubai

We tried to make the wedding photo session in the most beautiful city of the Arab country as simple and relaxed as possible. Therefore, the models require a minimum of effort and maximum desire. Fortunately, Dubai has dozens of different locations to suit the needs of the most demanding honeymooners.

An important feature of such a photo shoot is the need to go to the location, therefore we provide a comfortable car with a driver who will pick up the couple from the hotel, deliver to the required location, and after the photo session, take them back. The shooting date and scenario are planned in advance (during negotiations between the photographer and the customer). I try to take into account all the nuances and wishes so that the photo session becomes ideal for you.

How to book a wedding photo shoot in Dubai

It is very easy to order a wedding photo session in Dubai – just contact me in any way convenient for you. Contact information can be found in the appropriate section of the site or via direct instagram. There you can also see my best works, including wedding photo sessions.

I am a Russian-speaking photographer, so negotiations are easy. In the course of the conversation, I need to find out details about the upcoming photo session, decide on one or a set of locations, and also find out your wishes for the script. After agreeing on all the details, I will make an estimate for the ordered services, as well as provide a detailed consultation on the specifics of the photo session, its timing and other details.

If necessary, you can use the services of our make-up artist-hairdresser – the master will quickly and efficiently prepare the models for shooting: apply makeup and do their hair. The ideal outfit for such an event is a wedding dress and a man’s suit. If you want a custom format for a wedding photo shoot, we will provide beautiful dresses for free.

How much does a photographer cost in the UAE

The services of professional photographers in the UAE, especially during wedding photo shoots, are very diverse. As a rule, the price is formed based on a set of factors, including: the ordered package of services, the duration of the photo session, the complexity of the shooting scenario used, the number of locations used, as well as the personal wishes of customers.

I, Katherine Grand, am an experienced photographer with a lot of professional photo shoots in Dubai. Over the years, I have learned to understand the desires and capabilities of clients, so I offer high-quality services at a reasonable cost, which allows you to order an inexpensive, but high-quality photo shoot, in comparison with most local photographers.

Book your wedding photo shoot in Dubai from Katherine Grand and capture the happiest day of your life!

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