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Hey! Me, Katerina Grand! Since I was 12, photography has become a real vocation for me, which I have plunged headlong into and enjoy to this day. Wherever I go, I always take my camera with me, because this is a great chance to do what I love and take some more great pictures.

Katerina Grand is one of photographers in Dubai who provide comprehensive services at an affordable price. Most photographers are responsible only for high-quality photos, and the preparation falls on the shoulders of the clients.

I not only create beautiful pictures, but also provide full preparation for a photo session: from meeting with customers and discussing details, to providing transport and applying makeup.

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Individual photo session in Dubai

Dubai is the new capital of the world, striving for heaven and able to fall in love with itself at first sight. For this city, individuality is a natural environment that allows you to feel a breath of fresh emotions and a great chance to discover new, previously unknown talents.

By ordering an individual photo session in Dubai, you get a professional photographer who knows his business and the best locations in the unrivaled capital of the Emirates. I will always tell you how to emphasize the strong features of your appearance in the photo, together we will take pictures that will delight those around you.

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Family photo shoot in Dubai

Family vacations in Dubai are a great chance to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of an Arab country with your loved ones. Golden beaches, unsurpassed architecture and endless deserts are dizzy with their beauty and give invaluable emotions for years to come.

It is a pity that one cannot stay in this paradise forever. But thanks to a professional photographer, you will be able to capture the brightest emotions of family happiness - these photos will allow you to preserve valuable memories. Pictures of a family photo session in Dubai, over and over again will return you and your loved ones to these unforgettable moments of family bliss.

Wedding photo shoot in Dubai

A wedding day for loving people is a truly special day in which you want to shout about mutual feelings to the whole world. On this day, by marriage, the two halves are united, who decided to go through the rest of their lives in an atmosphere of family happiness. I want these emotions to never fade away.

A professional wedding photo session in Dubai will give you unique memories that you will want to keep for a lifetime. The unsurpassed atmosphere, the best locations and the work of the master will make it possible to make shots that can delight others and inspire newlyweds for many years of sincere love.

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Dubai Desert Photoshoot

The endless golden dunes of the Arabian Peninsula are one of the most popular locations for professional photo shoots. The sea and the purest sand, bathed in the sun, create the ideal atmosphere that allows you to play with the light, emphasizing the important, without being distracted by unnecessary details.

Ordering a photo shoot in empty Dubai from a professional photographer is a great chance to reveal your new self, get vivid impressions and mesmerizing photos that will give vivid memories of an unrivaled vacation in this beautiful country.

Photo shoot for pregnant women in Dubai

A pregnancy photo shoot in Dubai is the perfect opportunity to combine three beautiful elements: the aesthetics of a pregnant woman, the unique nature of the Arab country, as well as the impressive architectural solutions that are the crown of modern humanity. You will get beautiful pictures, which capture the magical waiting time for a child, vivid impressions of a vacation in the UAE, as well as genuine happiness of future parents.

Flying dress photoshoot in Dubai

Dubai is the city where your dreams come true. It offers a lot of entertainment and beautiful places for tourists, so it is a popular destination for travelers. No matter what type of holiday you prefer, this city will surprise you with its diversity.
The Dubai flying dress photoshoot is an extraordinary shoot in the middle of the Rub Al Khali desert, which is the largest in the Arabian Peninsula. These endless sand dunes add photos with a touch of haute couture glamour.

flying dress photoshoot dubai
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