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Family photo shoot in Dubai

Bright, beautiful and memorable family photos are an opportunity to remind you of the happy moments with your dearest people after many years. Leafing through the old album, we are covered with a wave of trembling feelings and pleasant memories, especially if the family photo session was held not in a classical studio, but in some exotic place where all family members experienced touching moments of an exciting journey.

Today you have a great chance to order a family photo session in Dubai – one of the most beautiful cities in the Arabian Peninsula and around the world. This city is the hallmark of the Middle East; the most daring architectural solutions of our time are concentrated here, which are combined with the virgin nature of the desert and the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf.

Family photo shoot in Dubai: features and opportunities

The key feature of a family photo shoot in Dubai is a colossal variety of locations, allowing you to realize the most daring ideas. With so many beautiful locations, it is possible to fill your album with photos of your family against the backdrop of the best places in the UAE: amazing golden dunes, magnificent architecture, amazing sea or a combination of these.

Taking into account your wishes, photo sessions can be held on any day of the week and time of the day. Dubai is superb under the bright rays of the daytime sun and in a beautiful atmosphere of night lighting, creating an ensemble of architectural masterpieces. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the abundance of locations significantly expands the possibilities for the implementation of various scenarios and thematic family photo sessions.

How to book a family photo session in Dubai

My name is Katherine Grand and I am a professional photographer with over five years of experience in Dubai. I am a Russian-speaking photographer focused on working with clients from the CIS countries. The interaction is easy, there are no misunderstandings due to the language barrier.

During my work, I noticed that the life of modern people has changed a lot. In a very active, dynamic and constantly accelerating world, every, even a short moment spent in the circle of our relatives becomes valuable. A family photographer is a master who is able to find and capture the most touching feelings and emotions that arise in the bosom of the family.

It is very easy to order a professional photo session – contact me in any way convenient for you: through the website, messengers, instagram. Let us know that you want to use my services or just get a consultation. I will tell you about the best locations in the city, discuss all aspects of the upcoming photo session and agree on the details. During the conversation, I:

  • I will give recommendations on the choice of clothing;
  • I agree on the scenario of the upcoming shooting;
  • I will charge you with a great mood, which is very important for cool shots;
  • I’ll provide a driver. He will pick up your family from the hotel, deliver to the selected locations, and after the shooting will take them back;
  • I will answer your questions.

How much does a photographer cost in the UAE

There is no single price for the services of a photographer in Dubai – each photographer determines it independently. For my clients, the cost is always calculated individually, it includes a number of aspects, including: the duration of the shooting, the type and complexity of the chosen scenario, the number of people and locations involved in the photo session, etc. The price is always announced in advance and approved by the customer.

Book an inexpensive family photo shoot in Dubai from Katherine Grand and get beautiful pictures that will become a vivid memory of wonderful moments for a lifetime!

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