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Individual photo session in Dubai

An individual photo session is an excellent opportunity to feel yourself in a completely new look, discover hidden talents, get out of your usual comfort zone and rethink your life. Especially when it takes place in a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of positive emotions and new, vivid impressions.

Each of us probably dreamed of getting beautiful photographs, at least for a while, feeling like a real model and plunging into the world of professional photography. Today you have an excellent chance to have a professional photo session in Dubai – the heart of the United Arab Emirates and a real pearl of the Middle East.

Features of a professional photo shoot in Dubai

In the classical sense, an individual photo session is shooting a single or group portrait, according to a pre-planned scenario. In fact, the shooting scenario can be anything, it can include the personal wishes of the customer, the recommendations of the photographer and other aspects.

Depending on your wishes, an individual photo session is carried out in a professional studio or at any location in the city. Studio photography is in demand among entrepreneurs, freelancers, consulting professionals, and others looking to get great photography in their portfolio.

An individual photo session in the city is a flight of imagination of a model and a photographer, an opportunity to make excellent shots against the backdrop of unique landscapes, architectural solutions, desert locations or a sea sunset.

How to order an individual photo session

It is very easy to order a professional individual photo session in Dubai! Contact me in any convenient way, and I will provide a detailed consultation on any issue of interest, and then we will discuss the details of the upcoming photo session. You can find contacts in the upper right corner of the site (via Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp)

Let’s take a closer look at how everything happens

It all starts with a conversation with the customer. I am a Russian-speaking photographer, so communication goes smoothly. In a conversation, I try to find out information about my model, what she likes, what images she prefers, what pictures she wants to get. Based on the information received, I offer the best options, I say at what location and at what time it is best to implement an individual photo session in the chosen image, and also announce the cost of the service in the agreed amount.

Very popular locations in Dubai are: landscapes with architecture, sea views, and a special place is occupied by a photo shoot in the desert, against the backdrop of golden sand dunes.

Classical preparation for a photo session, after discussing and agreeing on details, is carried out in several stages (they can change taking into account the wishes of the customer):

  • Hairstyle and makeup – done by the model alone. We can also provide a professional hairstyle and make-up artist who will create a beautiful image in accordance with the shooting concept;
  • Clothes – can also be selected independently by the customer, or we provide chic dresses to choose from for free. In the process of shooting, it is possible to change several images (discussed individually);
  • Great mood is an important aspect of a successful photo shoot. Negative emotions and experiences always remain outside the threshold of the film set.

How much does a photographer cost in the UAE

The price of an individual photo shoot in Dubai directly depends on a number of factors, including: the chosen format of shooting, its duration, season, etc. The final cost is always announced after consultation with the customer. Generally, the price is inexpensive considering the prices of local photographers.

Dare to make your dreams come true – sign up for an individual photo session from Katherine Grand and discover new yourself!

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